American Materials

Horween leather
Wicket & Craig
Outdoor rated marine thread
Solid brass hardware (rated)
YKK or Riri zippers

American Craftsmanship

American handmade includes hand cutting, marking, gauge measuring, pricking irons, saddle stitching on a wood pony and hand-finish detail. Mostly it’s about methods and skill craft. The reviews say it all.

Shipping Information

I don’t offer international shipping. After you place an order you should receive it in less than a week. Tracking information provided upon request.


USA packaging (not fancy)


If you are unhappy with what you paid for within 30 days, you can return it with a note stating what you would like for me to do.

  • A. Replace.
  • B. Repair.
  • C. Reimburse Funds.

Refunds require that the item be returned in the condition that it was received, ie: unused.

I am an individual, not a manufacturer so if something needs repair, as long as I’m in business I will repair it.

However, I use the best and most durable materials in the world and that should not be necessary.

Thank you to all of my customers!