There are different styles of craftsmanship. I decided to stay with the American handmade. I make everything myself. I also have a micro-factory. I’ve been working with ood, metal, and leather since I was a kid. Some people still have items that I made them several years ago.



The Shell wallets are made with British tanned Cordovan and coated veg tan USA leather. The full grain are full grain veg tan USA leathers. The thread is an outdoor marine grade. The adhesives are marine. My shop has mostly handmade tools for American handmade.

Shipping Information

After you place an order, you should receive it within one week in the USA or two-and-a-half weeks in Canada.

I do not offer international shipping with the exception of Canada.



If you are unhappy with what you paid for within 30 days, you can return it with a note stating what you would like for me to do.
A. Replace. B. Repair. C. Reimburse Funds.

I am an individual, not a manufacturer so if something needs repair, as long as I’m in business I will repair it.

However, I use the best and most durable materials in the world and that should not be necessary.

Thank you to all of my customers!


Shipping Policy

All shipping is free of charge to the USA. Does not include return shipping. Does not include import fees or VAT tax. Does not include insurance or tracking.

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