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“I received the glasses case last Friday. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! It’s absolutely beautiful and my glasses fit snugly and securely inside. I love the leather! It matches my Shell Pocket Wallet perfectly”

“I got the beautiful and amazing and good hand made case card.  Looks and feel it’ll last forever.”

“I am simply obsessed to have wallets he makes, only for one simple reason that MICHAEL’S, craftsmanship is extremely meticulous , & masterly done. & best part is he uses best of the leather & totally hand made. Even in days to come I would await eagerly his new creation to possess. HIS WALLETS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CONNOISSEUR & ALL WHO LOVE LEATHER, WALLETS.

“J Michael – You’re right … I do love it. Thanks for the awesome wallet, can’t wait to start carrying it. Quality is on point – Keep up the awesome work!

“This is my 4th JM wallet. I have now owned my vertical wallet for two months and it’s just beginning to patina. The exterior, although called “natural tan,” is more like a whiskey-honey looking color with black stitch and a black interior. One feature that just glares luxury when holding this work of art are the edges. I love the black painted edges. They’re exquisite and thick. I wanted the vertical as opposed to the standard billfold because it’s just different. It is simple pulling a card from the slot, each side is a “quick-draw” and each side has a hidden pocket as well. The vertical wallet is the perfect size. It is not a minimalist wallet but the cut it is so uniquely beautiful I keep it on my desk at the office so I can look at it as much as I want to throughout the day. There’s just something about shell cordovan. It’s rich quality is superior to any leather I’ve owned before.

Whatever wallet you choose from J Michael you are buying perfection from an Artisan who knows what he’s doing. You will be as awed as any of us who’s posted a review of his work, I can promise you that. Remarkable talent.”

“I’m extremely picky about my leather goods and this shell cordovan pocket wallet has simply exceeded my expectations. I have an extreme eye for detail; the stitching, material and craftsmanship are absolutely top notch. These leather wallets are the epitome of what a perfect handcrafted item should look like. Not only are they a work of art, they are totally functional as well. I will be coming back to take a look at other leather goods. J Michael thank you for your commitment to quality and service!”

“I ordered a Shell Cordovan Pocket Wallet in Natural Tan (both on the outside and inside) and a Money Clip on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, with a request to expedite the shipment, as I was traveling on March 20. I received both the wallet and money clip on Friday, March 16. Talk about expedited shipping. Much appreciate this effort by J Micheal and a big Thank You to him. Another request was to burnish the edges and the edges were silky smooth. I have loaded the pocket wallet with 30 bills (US) and 06 cards and it folds just right. This is a great wallet to carry loads of cash. The pocket wallet is going to be my EDC (everyday carry) for the next few weeks and I am looking forward breaking it in. I’ll be back for more in Burgundy, Brown and Black.”

“I’ve had my J Michael Ashland Pocket Wallet for about six months now, wanted to wait and see before offering a review. Let’s just say I’m calling it my forever wallet. No doubt in my mind I’ll have it for at least 20 years. Great investment, don’t hesitate!”

“I just received the shell cordovan bifold I ordered and it is awesome! I’ll say it again: J Michael, you are an artist and a craftsman. Your skills and judgement are apparent in your work and my appreciation has grown with each of the three wallets I have bought from you.”

“I ordered the cash and card wallet a couple months ago. After spending hours of researching I was lucky enough to come across J Michael’s wallets. The quality, design, customer service have all been exceptional! I even had the opportunity to talk with him and he has be great to deal with. If you want a quality wallet with great designs and functionality that will last you for a very very long time, I definitely recommend J Michael leather. Thank you!”

“I’ll say it again: you are an artist and a craftsman. We don’t see this high level of skill and quality enough anymore. Your pride in your work is apparent, and very much appreciated (by me and I’m sure everyone who sees your work). Many thanks”

“Thank you for an outstanding wallet. The burgundy shell cordovan is absolutely amazing. Paired with perfect stitching and silky smooth edges, this wallet will be in my pocket for decades. Between an amazing product, lightning fast shipping, and great customer service, J Michael can’t be beat for leather goods.”

“Like a lot of people looking for goods on this site I am a leather junkie. From jackets to boots to wallets I love me some leather. I recently picked up a pair of Shell Cordovan boots and absolutely love them, so when I decided to replace my old wallet I Googled “Shell Cordovan Wallets” and the research began. I ended up with a burgundy shell cordovan bifold from J Michael and I couldn’t be happier. This wallet is the real deal. I was afraid that it would be too thick, because in the photos the size of the edges were pretty intense. However, this wallet is exactly the same thickness as my former ‘name brand’ designer wallet. It’s only a few weeks old but it’s taking shape and breaking in nicely. The burgundy shell is dark and beautiful. There is no doubt this wallet will last me the rest of my life (I’ll be 40 next month… so life’s pretty much half over, right?). Last but not least the craftsmanship of this wallet is second to none. The lines of stitching are as perfect as you’re every going to find. The finished edges are perfect. Just a top notch piece of daily kit here. Needless to say I’m a happy customer.”

“Best quality Of leather ever. My Favorite Leather goods. Will definitely Recomend to everybody, Fast shipping Plus excellent service Thanks For the exceptional Craftsmanship”

“I have more then one of your wallets, but this one seems to be my favorite one for every day carry. I love it, it carries good in front, or back or even a shirt pocket and holds what I need every day. It is by far my favorite one, thank you”

” I love my pocket wallets. Just sitting here on vacation this week. Looking at this elegant black shell beauty. I have 9 cards in it and $102 cash in the bottom left pocket. Folds just right. The front exterior feels like it’s padded, it is addictive just thumbing the exterior. And with everything loaded it feels featherish in weight. Smooth. Just right. Very pleased. And grateful.”

“I recently received one of your wallets as a gift from a very close friend. I believe the model is the Pocket Wallet. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your work. The Cordovan leather is spectacular. The fit and finish including the hand stitching and burnishing is impeccable. The wallet is truly a work of art, I’m almost afraid to use it. But I know it will wear very well and get better with age. Great work!”

“I just received my wallet in the mail. It is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for everything you did and helping me through this process. Your work is incredible.”

“Superb item! I don’t do reviews but this wallet justifies it. In this age of mass produced imported leather goods, it is rare to find hand-made bespoke items, crafted in North America using traditional methods and the very finest materials available. I read the reviews of others, saw the photos on this site, and decided to take a chance by ordering a minimalist pocket wallet in cordovan. Since I am critical on issues of quality, I was only cautiously optimistic that the product would meet the standard described in the reviews. A week after placing the order, the wallet arrived and it is outstanding. In every respect, this wallet meets and exceeds all expectations. The cordovan and the interior leather used is of the highest quality. The beautiful finished product shows all the hallmarks of meticulous hand production and attention to detail. This is apparent in the clean tight stitching, and the fine hand finishing of leather edges. I considered competitors’ products before placing the order, and the deciding factor for me was the hand-cutting and finishing, offered by J Michael leather-smith. You Will Not be disappointed.”

“I just received the brown front pocket wallet in the mail today and can’t believe how much I love it. I have adequate space for my 4 cards and cash and can still keep it comfortably in my front pocket. The leather is absolutely gorgeous and the aroma of it is noticeable as soon as you open the package. It looks and smells great! I love wallets and leather goods. This wallet is the best of both and just moved to the top of the list for me. Keep up the good work!”

“J Michael is hands down the best leather smith. He takes pride into what he makes by his own hand. Every precise hand stitching and beautiful burnishing shows his commitment. He puts a lot of time and effort into his artwork. Forget about other fancy/instagram-popular manufactures who advertises 10 times a day, those are merely merchandise; J Michael’s products are ART WORKS. In addition to the wallet itself, J Michael is one of the best people I’ve worked with. He is one of the very few passionate and yet down-to-earth leather smiths now whose real focus is the product itself. If you have any doubt about the products J Michael makes, don’t, just go for it. I do not know how to recommend more, this is the best purchase in my life so far.”

“I received my mini bifold today and could not be happier. I had a coach wallet previous to this one and this wallet absolutely destroys the coach wallet in every way. I want to thank you for your dedication to the craft. I have recently gotten into USA made items and leather goods so i feel as thought i have been introduced to another world. I plan on purchasing a shell wallet sometime soon. I apologize for the rant but i just want to express my gratitude. As a 19 year old college student i feel like it is well worth it to save up for quality items that will last for years to come and your products fit that bill perfectly. Thank you for all you do.

“J Michael – just received the whiskey shell wallet and it is gorgeous! My second from you. The blue stitching is indeed a nice touch. The black shell I ordered last year is holding up splendidly and still looks new. High quality stuff and worth every penny. Looking forward to my next order. Thanks again.”

“I received the card wallet today. Wow. That pretty much sums it up. I was impressed with the presentation and hand written note that accompanied the wallet. The color was exactly what I was envisioning. I own wallets from several other highly-regarded small USA based leather craftsmen (and one trendy company from down under) and I can without hesitation say that this wallet had a certain “je ne se qua” factor to it that is unmatched. The smell of the leather to start. I must have spent five minutes just smelling the leather over and over. Even now I tend to smell it before putting it in my pocket just to check to see if the awesome smell has faded (it hasn’t). The stitching and the logo are spot-on. I was going to give this as a christmas present but I changed my mind (keeping this one for myself). You know those days when you stumble across something where you are like “this is now my brand”? I’ve done that with beer, or shoes or a certain brand of dress shirt, I think I’ve found my wallet “brand”. It exceeded my expectations and will make it easier for me now to order (with confidence) a bi-fold or cash/card wallet later on. Cheers!”

“I recently received from you an absolutely magnificent long pocket wallet–chocolate brown shell cordovan with black interior and tan thread. It is — to borrow a Disney word — supercalifragiliciousexpealadocious. When I bought a cordovan billfold from you, I thought that I had the ultimate wallet. This one, I think, surpasses the billfold in artistry, beauty and practicality. I had been looking at a famous men’s store’s $600 shell cordovan long pocket wallet. Yours is superior in every respect that I can see. Thank you!”

“After looking at your website’s wallet eye-candy on several occasions, I finally made a decision to order your black Pocket Wallet. I anticipated it’s arrival with more intensity than a 7 year old anticipates Christmas morning. I was not disappointed. I unboxed the wallet from its very tasteful presentation and took several minutes to admire what had arrived. The wallet is drop-dead gorgeous with its supple, thin yet substantial rich, black leather, nicely detailed stitching and incredibly well finished edges. The clean and efficient design allowed the wallet to easily inhale 5 bills, 4 credit cards, 2 ID cards, 3 paper insurance cards and 2 business cards and remained flat, thin and compact. I can only imagine that it will relax with use and assume a slightly thinner profile. Very nicely done.”

“What tremendous, speed of light service. In my hands today, and a special order non stock item at that. Your workmanship is superb. Your designs are perfect for my use, needs. The quality of your leather is the very top of that available. Handwork is surgical in nature. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your world class art with me. I’m sure they’ll be around, looking brand new after I’m long gone. This will give the great grand kids something to fight over in the will. You have made my year just perfect, I can’t thank you enough for your great art, customer service and special personal touch in conducting an on line business.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the field wallet and iPhone sleeves that you made for us. The craftsmanship is astonishing and your service impeccable. I have always hesitated to approach independent makers directly but you have changed my mind. Anyone with reservations should put them aside right now. J Michael will produce something you will keep and use for a lifetime. To know that you have in your hands the product of a real artisan makes it all the more special. Thanks so much — we’ll be back for more.”

“Wow! Amazing Quality. Amazing Customer Service! I was in the market for a wallet, so I did some research and came across J Michael Ashlands website. I was looking for something quality that would last me many years, so I decided to take the plunge and purchase a wallet here. I honestly cannot say enough about the quality that comes from J Michael. You can literally smell the quality that comes from his products. This wallet will not only last me FOREVER but it is something I can be proud of! Customer service is literally THE BEST! Stop reading this review and buy one of these amazing works of art, you will not regret it. Very happy customer here! I came back to the site to leave a review and buy more amazing products!”

“Dear Sir, hoping all is well with you and yours, just wanted to let you know the wallets I purchased from you in the recent past where a great hit people loved them!! … Thanks again for the great service!!!”

“The wallet arrived much sooner than I anticipated and I don’t have the appropriate words to describe my satisfaction with the entire experience. The wallet is amazing and the artistry in it’s construction and design in incomparable. It feels good knowing that I was able to buy a superb quality item that supports an American artist/craftsman. Thank you.”

“I really like the chocolate shell pocket wallet, it is sharp . I think the leather will create a rich patina over time as it is worn . As I have said before, your quality and craftsmanship makes brand name wallets look inferior. For now, my wallet shopping craze has been satisfied. Lol !! Now I can direct my efforts toward telling my friends and family about your luxury US HANDMADE leather products. “

” I just received the belt and wallet. I am sure glad I treated myself to your awesome handmade luxury leather goods. The quality can not be better. It shows in all aspects that your work is superior. The service is hassle free and you are very kind to lend some knowledge in the buying process. Thank You”

“Just wanted to let you know that I recently received my card wallet and really love it. A big change from the bulky wallet I’ve carried for 12 years and the quality and craftsmanship are outstanding. Congratulations on your excellent product. I plan on being a return customer.”

“What can be said about the quality of J Michael’s leathercraft that hasn’t already been said? He has gained my loyalty as a customer and shared a bit with me how thankful he is to be able to work for people. J Michael… an artist in leather that not only provides products of high value, but beauty and durability… a rare gem in today’s world, setting a high bar for what being made in America should and could mean!”

“Once again, fantastic work J Michael! I just received my belt today and it fits fantastic! Its just the way I wanted it to be. The leather is nice and thick and I know for sure this is going to last me for a long-long time. Even the buckle is in a great quality ! You nailed it once again for me! I’ll buy more products from you in the future and I am looking forward for leather bag that I see coming out soon! Thank you for your fantastic work! You never fail to impress me.”

“The quality and design of this wallet are truly outstanding. The price is somewhat expensive, but there are so many wallets out there that are much more expensive without 1/10th of the quality and beauty of this item. The wallet is just a bit large for me so I am going to give this as a Christmas present. However, I immediately ordered a belt and a mini bifold wallet as a replacement. This item looks to be built to last a lifetime and I will definitely be purchasing a few more items in the future. In an otherwise throw away culture, it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to purchase such excellent products from a US business with such superb customer service. As a side note: I purchased this wallet late on a Monday evening and it arrived on Friday AM. An emailed question was answered almost immediately. Boxing and presentation are perfect for gifts. No sales tax and free shipping make this an even better deal – if that is even possible!”

“Wow! What an incredible wallet. Was surfing the internet when i found your site. So glad i did, my old wallet is 16 years old and needed to be retired. Also MADE IN USA means a lot to me!!! This is a great quality wallet!!!!”

“I just received my Trifold Wallet in Natural Chromexcel and it is amazing. I received it just three days after I placed my order (from West Coast to East Coast). The Horween Chromexcel in Natural is just beautiful and the craftsmanship is superb. The level of personalized customer service that I received you just can’t find anymore. If you want quality, jmichaelashland is the place to shop.”

“I just received my cash and card wallet in green shell cordovan and it is absolutely amazing. I love it so much I just placed another order for the same wallet in blue shell! …Thanks, I might even be tempted to order all the colors, your skills are unreal and the quality is unmatched.”

“Received my wallet today, job well done! The chocolate brown with red stitching is exactly what I thought it would be. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for such a great job and excellent customer service! I will be recommending you and requiring your services in the future. Rare to find someone who takes such pride in their work these days. Which is sad really. Great job!”

“My wallet came in a few days ago and I just wanted to say that it is amazing! It is the perfect size for me, and I think you did an amazing job on the stitching and colouring. I will most definitely be buying from you again and recommending your products to everyone i know.”

“Love at first sight ? Only waiting 4 days (ordered Thursday, received Monday ) I had the privilege of opening this box and smelling the beautiful leather, and admiring the craftsmanship that made this wallet…. I fit 8 cards and 6 bills! And the size is still very compact (I asked for an extra QuickDraw slot to be added and he added it for free, great customer service and shows he really cares about his work) I have one card in the QuickDraw , one under my cash stack folded once, and 3 in each of the card pockets. The leather is beautiful, size is great for front pocket, and I don’t see me getting another wallet after this . Thank you so much”

“Ordered a black Cash and Card wallet with red stitching and Bison on the inside. Love it. Excellent work and delivered swiftly. I think I may start collecting these!”

“I received my wallet and it I amazing, I have been looking for years for a wallet that can hold up to my abuse. This is it! The craftsmanship is second to none, it’s just beautiful. Thank you so much for contacting me when the shell cordovan arrived, well worth the wait. Definitely the finest wallet available.”

“…All I can say is WOW. Not only is the wallet gorgeous the customer service was top notch. I can say I have a new favorite wallet. I have over the the last few years purchased several wallets, Tailfeathers, Ashland Shell Cordovan, Colonel Littletons, Atelier Pall, Dave Mitchell, to name a few. The reason I mentioned the above is because I would put the quality of the materials and craftmanship and the customer service of J Michael Ashland against any of the above. The material of the wallet is Horween Shell Cordovan and it is just beautiful. In a close inspection of the wallet you can see the fine craftmanship that J Michael puts into his craft. As mentioned before the customer service could not have been better. Based on the price, quality of the product and the customer service this Shell Cordovan Wallet is definitely a 5 out of 5 star rating or a 10 on a 1-10 scale. If you couldn’t tell, I could not be happier with this purchase and I am already looking to see what I can get for my son for Christmas.”

“I am speechless!!!! I just got these !!! They are gorgeous! WOW! Its like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. I love all of them! Thank you so much for sending these out to me. And please put my name down for Shell. I will play with these and will enjoy them for years to come. Just awesome! Wow! I can’t believe it!”

“Michael, I just wanted to say how impressed & pleased I am with the item I recently ordered. The craftsmanship is excellent and the wallet is beautiful. Thank you. Since receiving my items, I’ve recommended your products to family & friends and look forward to ordering more of your quality products in the future. Great work, take care.”

“Just received the wallet. I love it. It is precisely what I wanted. 4 cards and a stack of cash fits perfectly in the front pocket with no bulge! The quality is top notch.”

“I just received my order of the two Horween cromexcel cash and card wallets and am blown away. I’ve been looking for a slim wallet in cromexcel for some time now that could accommodate bills folded in half, and this is it! I also highly appreciate the extra gift you included! The thin calf feels really nice and is very slim. Thank you again!”

“First of all, the customer service I received from J Michael was top shelf. I emailed him on Sunday night with some questions about the wallet. Not expecting to hear back from him for at least a day or two, J Michael emailed back within minutes. He answered all my questions, and was eager to help out. I placed my order that Sunday night, and the wallet arrived on Wednesday…super fast shipping! Now onto the wallet. Packaging was very nice with a hand written thank you card, and a description of the wallet. That’s a very nice touch! The wallet exceeding all of my expectations. The quality is absolutely beautiful, and the design of the wallet is perfect. The wallet has inward facing pockets, which means that your cards can never fall out. Even if a pocket were to get stretched out, and you downsized your cards in the future, there is no fear that cards will fall out, because they would fall toward the wallet. This is a great design feature! The wallet also seems to hold a bigger capacity than would be expected. I have 5 cards on the right pocket (along with a couple business cards), and 2 cards on the left, and there seems to be plenty more room if need be. The wallet still lays super flat. The leather on the wallet is super nice, and the stitching looks perfect! You can tell from the build quality that J Michael really cares about what he does, and the wallet looks like it will last forever. I would rate this with the highest rating, and would not hesitate to buy from J Michael again!”

“I just want to state that Micheal is a very generous and genuine guy. His work is not only impeccable but also the quality of the materials Is outstanding. I’m leaving a review after a few months of me and my family using the 4 wallets we received and we all love them.I am def a customer for ever. Order extras from him, you don’t come across this kind of work often!!”

“Wow, this is fantastic. It’s a lot more compact and easier to carry than my old wallet, but the craftsmanship is what really blows me away. I’ve made a few watch bands for myself with some scrap leather, and I appreciate your attention to detail and precision. My favorite part is the burnishing, the finishing and smoothness is so impressive to me. This wallet will likely be the last one I buy, but I will be keeping you in mind if I am ever in need of a new belt…Thank you!”

“Got the Cash & Card Wallets in Bison. The Bison leather is very beautiful and unique, it also has cool pull-up effect. I love the grain on the leather and fiery-ish colour combine with J Michael’s awesome craftsmanship and the well designed wallet it’s perfect! I’ve inserted 3 cards on each pocket and 10 bills (I’m pretty sure it can hold even more), the wallet holds them without any issue and still able to close it flat, it fits into front pocket easily and doesn’t show too much foot print.”

“Received the wallet today, wow that was quick! Looks great and fits all my “wallet stuff” just fine. The quality of the leather, stitching, and craftsmanship is top notch. I don’t anticipate much break-in period based on how soft the leather is. Thank you for the quick response and turn around on this custom project!”

“Wow! First impressions are important and again, WOW! Got my mini billfold today, I wasn’t expecting it this quick seeing as I ordered it Friday afternoon. Open the box and right on top is a business card, flip it over and a hand written note thanking me for my purchase and because he’s thankful a gift is included. The gift is the leather key ring I swear could be used by itself for self defense. Now the wallet is a thing of beauty. Right away I put 10 cards (savers, gift, blood center, EMT license, CPR) in the right pocket, and 5 in the left side quick access pocket (what I’m calling the left pocket), plus my aluminum credit card bottle opener in the cash pocket. Wallet closes no problem! Stitching looks great and sturdy, leather is nice and supple, feels good in your hand. Thank You JMichael Ashland for a wallet I’m sure will last me for many years!”

“I would like to make a quick comment about the Mini Bifold wallet…Both are beautiful and perfectly made. What I look for is simple quality and you nailed it. Thank you for caring about what you do. I will definitely be ordering again.”

“I just received my belt today, which is certainly earlier than I expected. What amazes me more is the quality and beauty of your craftsmanship!!! I truly didn’t know what to expect because one always takes chances, when dealing with the unknown, on a venue such as the internet. I certainly struck gold this time. I also didn’t expect bison leather to be so soft and supple. My next order (when my wife lets me spend the money) will be one of your brown, steer hide belts. If it is as beautiful as this one, wow! … You are a true craftsman, J.Michael.

“I recently purchased and received the pocket bi-fold and I am of the opinion that you only craft the finest of items. I have already begun to spread the word of your craftsmanship here in Georgia and my friends are sure to visit your site. I would love the opportunity to carry another item designed and crafted by you. Thank you.”

“Just got my new belt today WOW! it is all that I hoped for and a fine piece of your expert craftsmanship I now have the privilege to wear. The key fob included in the box made it Christmas twice in the same day.”

“I just got my wallet and I absolutely love it!! … I will definitely be a returning customer and will refer you to anyone I know looking for a new wallet. Your work and customer service is beyond amazing! Thanks so much!”

“Just wanted to say that I just received the wallet I ordered for my guy’s Christmas gift this year and I know he will love it. We both appreciate quality craftsmanship and your work is beautiful. Thank you so much for the key fob as well! That was so thoughtful and generous of you. I think I will steal it for myself. :)”

“Your work is fabulous – I’ve never seen anything like it. Congratulations, your wallets are masterpieces!”

“Thank you so much for my keychain it’s even more awesome than it looked online! Finally being able to hold your work I’m really struck by the high level of craftsmanship and care that I can see you put into everything you do. The online photos really don’t do your work justice! Thank you again for your kindness and not to mention kick-ass leatherwork.”

“You definitely nailed it on the belt and it fits perfectly; I absolutely love it and will be wearing it as well as everything else for the foreseeable future.”

“I just received the wallet today and again it’s so amazing! Very nice leather feel and I can’t say enough for the quality and craftsmanship, the wallet is well designed too!”

“Got the wallet today and …WOW!!! The craftsmanship and stitching are beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. I just put in an order now for another wallet.”

“Thank you very much for the amazing wallet. It certainly exceeded my expectations.”

“…how great would it be to get a Shell Cordovan wallet from what people are saying is the top leathersmith in the USA…I knew it would be great but after receiving them I see why your customers are so happy.”

“I just received my Shell Card Wallet and what a phenomenal value. I’ve been in the market for a small card holder and looked at several off the shelf name brand options before I did some research and stumbled upon JM Leathersmith. The craftsmanship is superb and while it was a bit of a crapshoot, I love the colors of my card wallet. I would be happy with this wallet had I paid double!

“In a world where everyday items are dictated and controlled by marketing and capitalism, it’s humbling to know that there are people like yourself who still honor honest, real craftsmanship. The value and care you give to your work is insurmountable to anything I have ever owned. Now having two of your pieces of work, I am absolutely astounded by the attention to detail you provide for your customers. Being a cook and perfectionist by nature, I truly, truly, truly appreciate the attention you provide in your work. I really cannot say enough about the work you do, wallets are an everyday carry and you clearly realize that – making them more than just a sought after thought. Your work is perfection and I will continue to spread the word of your oustanding detail to honest craftsmanship. Thank you for being you and the work you do, J. Michael.”

“Just wanted to tell you that I have been using the bag and the belt and my wallet every day for the last 3 years. Just amazing stuff, I think they will last forever!!!”

“After a lengthy search to fine a wallet I found these great products, I thought the price was a little much at first but I bit the bullet and ordered one anyway – 3 years later I can not recommend them enough, it’s not only survived everyday rough use it looks a feels great, the stitching is all intacked and the leather looks great! 10/10 would buy again – and it gets great compliments too!”

“I’ll start by saying that I’ve never written a review – or taken the time to follow-up – on ANY product that I’ve purchased. I’ve always assumed that it was a waste of time and that people, generally speaking, knew the quality of a particular item. I was compelled to write this review because of the insane quality and craftsmanship of J Michael’s work. The first wallet I purchased from J Michael was his full-size bifold…black shell exterior, black interior with navy stitching. Not only is the wallet beautiful to look at but the quality is on a completely different level. Soon after receiving the bifold – as in 3 days later – I ordered another wallet from him, this time, a front pocket wallet. The build quality on this piece was also outstanding! Not only is J Michae a fantastic craftsman, but he’s also a great person. His communication throughout the process was first-class and I could not have been more pleased. Keep up the great work JM!!”

“I order Monday and today it’s friday and my brand new wallet has come this is a truly a nice Shell wallet i got The burgundy shell with the black leather inside it looks so boss I got the red thread I can’t wait to break it in. Thank you brother for a great wallet. Ps I will tell my friends!!”

“The hype is real, J Michael is the real deal. Just received my pocket wallet and every aspect of it is perfect! I will definitely be coming back for more masterpiece on leather!”

“I want to tell you this is the most gorgeous wallet I have ever owned. My girlfriend is jealous of it because the colors you chose just flow so beautiful. The blue outer and the whisky interior with the combination of the Black and Tan stitching was more than i expected. I originally ordered a tan interior and exterior we talked on the phone and we talked as usual about colors and quality. I am so glad you took this indecisive decision of mine and let your creative mind decide for me. and in my eyes it’s a original piece . Thanks man you have got my business for life. God bless.”

“I received the wallet yesterday in the mail. Talk about fast shipping, I appreciate that very much. The wallet… WOW. I own several handmade wallets from the likes of waskerk to makr carry and none compare to your craftsmanship. I absolutely love the Bison leather, such a soft yet rich feel to it. The design of the pocket wallet is simple yet clever and functional. Your customer service is above and beyond too. Thank you! I’ll be back.”

“New to this stuff. My first shell handmade leather purchase. Blown away. First class and faster than a department store order. Will be ordering more in the future.”

“The belts are superb. Again, your work is outstanding! Your attention to details is amazing. The length and fit is perfect. Once more, thanks for sharing your art with people.”

“Have tried to find fault with this wallet for over a week now. Quality wallet. Hands down the FINEST ” made in America ” wallet I have found (and I have been collecting them for many years!) Craftsmanship is impeccable, service excellent, prompt reply to questions, classy packaging and lightning fast shipping! Get one of these wallets before this guy finds another line of work!!!”

“I have to say thank first. Michael emailed me about his stock ran low. He offered me an upgrade at no extra charge. The wallet came a couple days later and it is absolutely stunning. I love my wallet so much and its wallet is higher than my Louis Vuitton wallet that triple the price”

“I had not yet had an opportunity to write you and let you know that I’m thrilled with the Blue Shell Cordovan bifold wallet you made for me. I have always liked fine leather goods, and I really appreciate all of the care and craftsmanship that obviously went into this wallet. The quality of materials is the best I’ve seen. And it was a bargain compared to the products on offer at retail stores. I believe this wallet will last more than my lifetime, and I very much enjoy having it as part of my daily carry.”

“I just received my shell cordovan men’s bifold wallet. It really meets all my expectations. This wallet is a real peace of art. The craftsmanship reflected by this wallet is outstanding. The attention to details is amazing. Also, shipping via Canada Post is really nice. I live in a small town and delivery with other shipping services could be a little tricky. Most of the time you have to go to the nearest bigger city to get your shipment from the delivery company point of service. With shipping via Canada Post, you get your package right at home with your other mail. Really nice and convinient. Thanks again J Michael for taking the time to make such nice objects that accompanied people every day. Excellent job and keep it up.”

“Crazy! Who isn’t excited about receiving a handmade, functional piece of art? I knew from the reviews that delivery was fast and I therefore entertained the giddy (can you be giddy in your 60s?) prospect of having my cordovan pocket wallet by Friday’s trip to NYC. I ordered Thursday afternoon and its now the following Tuesday, noon, and this beauty is in hand (nostrils too…smells great). Quick turn-around is really just the bonus. The wallet is all that you’ve read about and expect from J Michael. The hand stitching perfect. The purchase began with an email in which I noted my cell number and my vague questions. I figured I could do better in a conversation but merely suggested he could call if that suited his schedule. I got a call a half hour later….immensely helpful. We also digressed from leather to climbing and other mutual interests. The wallet holds the tangible stuff as expected…..and some intangible karma as well!”

“I don’t know how to express how pleased I am that I came across J Michael Ashland. I was looking up to replace my wallet that I had for the last 10 years. I had an idea for a wallet and reached out to J Michael on his site and with in 15 mins I received a phone call from the man himself. We talked over what I wanted to do. He gave me plenty of information on what he does and what goes into his wallets. With no hesitation I placed my order, what felt like the next day I saw my Pocket wallet on his Instagram site. Look for the wallet in Blue IT shell with Red shell in the interior with Yellow stitching. I had a childish grin and could not wait to get it in hand.
As soon as I got it WOW. He is the real deal. This wallet looks great and there is no doubt that it will last a lifetime. When we talked I mentioned how I wanted to be able to have a wallet that I can have made again to give to my 2 boys. My wife saw the wallet and totally agreed. J Michael Ashland has at least 2 more orders in the future from me. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my green passport wallet today – it is amazing. I rarely provide feedback unless I’m exceptionally happy with the service and/or the product – I’m blown away by the design, quality, the customer service, and short lead time on a custom piece. I’ll definitely order my next wallet from you, and will send friends in your direction.”

“Thank you J. Michael. Received my wallet 3 days ago. Seriously the best wallet I’ve ever owned! Gonna spread the word over here in Portland.”

“Just received my new black shell cordovan bifold and it’s amazing. Everything from the leather, marine stitching and wallet layout is perfect. This wallet is the real deal, head and shoulders above any other wallet out there. I think it’s a real bargain for what I received, free shipping that was also very quick, and very quick response from my emails. I even love the sailboat on the front! I look forward towards many years of use, and future purchases for my leather goods. J Michael you are a master of your craft. Thank you!!!”

“I would have to say that J Michael is the best person to work with. I have never spoken to someone more informative and knowledgeable about their products. I ordered the Pocket Wallet in the Shell Cordovan leather…..the craftsmanship is unbelievable. I have never had such a high quality wallet and I have owned several wallets over the past several years. I will usually buy a new wallet every year and this wallet is by far the best wallet I have every owned. It is a perfect blend of form and function. The look and feel are utterly amazing. It is a small wallet yet it holds so many cards and it also holds a lot of cash (folded once….which I really love). I am definitely ordering more wallets from J Michael. Thanks again for such a great wallet!!”

“I received my J MICHAEL ASHLAND pocket wallet in black shell today. IT IS STUNNING! The attention to detail with the stitching is pristine. I ordered it with blue stitching, so it looks like an evening out in black tie, very elegant color combination…When you receive your J Michael wallet the packaging is like gift wrap, literally speaking, plus a handwritten card, the “birth certificate” of your wallet that describes your new arrival. Excellent marketing! This is an elite minimalist carry. Get one!”

“I’ve only had my bifold wallet for about a day, but I already love it. It looks beautiful and as soon as I started handling it out of the package the top notch craftsmanship was evident. The speed was also super impressive. I ordered the wallet on a Tuesday afternoon and received it on Friday. Thanks for the great product and great customer service.”

“Placed my order 3 days ago and got my wallet delivered today. I couldn’t be happier. The quality and the craftsmanship are superb. If you’re thinking about which shell cordovan wallet to buy, look no further. It’s right here!”

“Hello, I just received your wallet today. All I can say is it is perfect!! I have researched a lot of wallets and I am so happy with your wallet.. Great quality, excellently done.. Thank you. You have my business for life..”

“Great things come in nice boxes. While looking for tasteful, slim, minimalist wallet for semi-formal and formal occasions where just a couple of dollar bills, ID, a credit card or two. and a couple of business cards will suffice; I was lead to J Michael’s black, step pocket vertical card wallet. It’s center and two side pockets hold those items (and more) while keeping a very slim profile in my suit or sport coat. Above all, it looks deep, rich and is beautifully crafted with dark thread and nicely finished edges. When I opened the high quality gift box containing the wallet, I was greeted with that incredible aroma of fine quality leather. At that point my plans to give the wallet as a Christmas gift evaporated. Guess my buddy gets another nice box of candy to re-gift as a stocking stuffer for his wife again this year! At least it temporarily keeps him out of trouble.”

“I am writing to unequivocally praise the shell cordovan bifold wallet that you made for me (and which I received on a Saturday morning less than a week after I ordered it!). Your recommendation of the red exterior and black interior produces a magnificent-looking wallet. It projects an image of elegance, quiet and classic elegance. The craftsmanship is incredible. In fact — and this is not hyperbole — the word that probably is more appropriate than “craftsmanship” is “artistry.” Over years of buying briefcases and wallets, I have learned that edges often separate the superb from the rest. Your edges are the best, I think, that I have ever seen on a wallet. I am a 67-year-old professional. I have owned a number of high-priced and high-quality wallets, American and Italian. None were shell cordovan — though one is American alligator — and this wallet, I believe, surpasses them all. The price is more-than-reasonable. Should anyone reading this review wonder, the red is conservative — but classical, stylish conservative, not dull. It is pretty much the color traditionally associated with the word “cordovan” and perhaps slightly less red than the Saphir #71 cordovan shoe polish. I look forward to seeing the patina that it will develop, though I suspect that if I live out my normal lifespan, this wallet will still have a great deal of life left in it. Thank you!”

“I really love the passport wallet that you just made for me…really phenomenal work for an absolutely unbelievable price. I had a coach leather passport wallet before yours and it is a complete piece of crap compared to the one you just made!”

“Last year for Christmas, I got my Dad a new wallet from you and it is such an awesome wallet! Beautiful and well crafted! My Dad loved it and still does! He loved it so much that at first he didn’t want to take it out of the box because he thought it was such a handsome wallet and didn’t want to get fingerprints on it! I’ll even stop and smell the leather if he leaves it laying around…”

“J Michael thank you for the beautiful wallets, I’ve been using the shell cordovan and I have to say it’s like nothing else I’ve ever owned! The other wallet which is sterrhide feels amazing too! I haven’t used it yet but the sterrhide is so soft and pliable I love it too. The leather smell is still there on both, and the construction quality is by far the best I’ve seen. If anybody wants some great USA handmade quality leather products stop whatever your doing and send J an email, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. HE WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR ME AND I’M SURE HE WOULD DO THE SAME FOR YOU!!!! both wallets are bifold regular version. Thanks again man your great!!”

“This is the best wallet I own. The pocket configuration is perfect for me. The quality of leather and attention to detail in cratsmanship is outstanding.”

“I just got my wallet. This thing is beautiful. The top right side pocket has a subtle pattern in it that just looks gorgeous, and the cash pocket has a slightly redder hue compared to the outer leather. This wallet has so much character, George R. R. Martin would try to kill it.”

“I can say, without question, that the products that I’ve ordered and received from J Michael are perhaps the finest quality that can be had anywhere. The thought and attention that go into his products are not frequently encountered in today’s throw away society. I have no doubt that these wallets will last my entire lifetime. I applaud the effort and talent that is displayed in his work. J Michael has earned a lifetime customer, and I’ll gladly and enthusiastically recommend his products to anyone. Truly, truly impressive! Thanks J Michael!!!”

“Let me say this, J Michael you are a true master craftsman! The attention to detail and materials used that went into making this wallet are over the top. I have no doubt this wallet will last a lifetime. Thank you J Michael for sharing your skills with us. American made, pride in his work, you get your money’s worth is alive and well at J Michael Ashland. I will be ordering more soon.”

“Phenomenal products and really outstanding customer service. When I wanted a change in a mini bifold I had ordered he did it right away, sent a prepaid mail tag for me and finished it within a few days! In my experience that is really unprecedented. I recommend this site to all of my friends and I will be giving gifts from it come Christmas time. This is the best mini bifold and bifold that I have ever seen. I look forward to checking back for other new products as well. Thank you again for an excellent buying experience.”

“Mine just arrived yesterday and I have used it for a day now, so far the wallet is fantastic and I got a lot of compliments from my friends and family! The wallet, Bifold, is a little bit big, but you will not even notice it. The wallet is nicely made! Thank you J Michael for a fantastic work of art you have given me. I will definitely recommend your work to anyone that I know that is interested on buying a good looking, hand-crafted, and just a beautiful piece of art leather wallet that is in a good quality and that is worth a price :)”

“This wallet is by far the best looking and built wallet I have ever seen and used, I wanted to wait to write a review so I figured it was defiantly time. This man has one heck of a talent you can see he takes his time with the build of these wallets so meticulous, I have had many many wallets I have searched everywhere for a tough wallet that would stand my abuse this is the one. You will pay more for these but trust me it is worth it hands down this will be passed down for many generations. This man has a customer for life!!!! Thank You for the great products and the great service.”

“Got my wallet and I love it. One word: perfection. There’s nothing like a handmade leather wallet and this is the best I have seen. The details, the stitching, the leather (shell cordovan) smell, everything is fantastic. Thank you J Michael!”

“I received the wallet just in time for christmas.
Thank you very much for this beautiful piece, I am very happy with my choice. Looking forward to ordering something else from you in the future. Thank you very much!”

“Thank you very much for the pocket wallet!
I had only seen photos of your work and had not handled any, it is very impressive. Seeing the quality, I can’t say that I’m surprised that the demand has you too busy for custom work.”

“This is my 2nd Shell Cordovan wallet from J Michael, this time I ordered the Green Shell Cordovan Mens Bifold with black chromexcel horsehide interior. I like the new improved adjustment on the bifold wallet vs the older one, the interior is now has same height as the exterior so it covers the cash much better and no stitching on top of the exterior makes the wallet looks much cleaner and more elegant (older one has stitching all around), also the new chromexcel horsehide interior is a lot shinier, softer and this makes the wallet 100% horse (my first shell cordovan was with hermann oak dyed in black). Thank you J Michael for once again awesome craftsmanship and beautiful wallet. P.S. The new package box and new business card adds extra luxuriness”

“I received the dark brown shell cordovan bifold that you made. Less than a week since I placed the order and I have it. That’s amazing by itself. Everything about it is quality as I’m finding out is normal with any order I place. This is probably going to be my favorite. The lighter brown calfskin pockets inside are a perfect touch. All I can say is thank you.”

“Is it Christmas in here, or is it just me?! Once again, I am blown away by just how beautiful is! Finally “The Holy Grail” !! WOW!!!! The Shell wallet looks gorgeous! You were right, the Blue Shell with black interior looks awesome, and I even love the contrast on the card pocket with the Blue Shell. That Blue Shell is a beauty !!! Now, I can say my collection is complete. It needed a Shell wallet made by one of the very best, if not the BEST wallet makers / leather-smiths out there. I would highly recommend buying from J Michael Ashland. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me! He is one man operation. Everything he offers is handmade, with nothing but the best leather available, and craftsmanship and quality second to none, and…annnnd, its made right here in U. S. of A. You gotta love that!! I am one extremely happy customer, and glad I made the purchase. And I would do it again in a heart beat. Definitely a customer for life! I’ll be back !! “

“Greatest wallet ever. The quality and the craftmanship are second to none. I am very happy with my purchase.”

“…Thank you very much! The wallet is just perfect! I love the thickness of the leather. It looks like real mens wallet. Also I like the quality of the leather. But the best part is the quality of your craftsmanship. Great job! Just spent all evening playing with my new “toys” trying different types of money and cards. 50 EUR bill fits just perfect which is also great. P.S. Enjoyed packaging. Hand written note is a very nice touch”

“I just received the wallet that you made for me in the mail. Pictures and words just cannot adequately describe the quality of your work and the leather in this wallet. I have absolutely no regrets about my choice of reversing the shell cordovan for the interior. The slight black shadowing on the reverse goes very well with the wallet exterior and your setup of thicknesses takes care of any concern about overall thickness. The blue thread is dark enough but yet different enough so that it adds character to the wallet. I could not be more pleased. Thank you.”

“Just received the wallet today! Really simple design with outstanding craftsmanship! Started using it already and so far it seems to hold about 6 cards with a couple stamp cards on one side and 15 cash folded in half. (Seems to have a bit more room for additional cash). I asked him to add a snap on to the wallet which works great and was a free add-on! Will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a simple clean and slim wallet. I now have my eyes on the pocket bifold wallet as my next future purchase! Btw he is really fast with his emails. So don’t be afraid to ask him questions about a certain product!”

“I received the wallet today in good order. It’s a wonderful piece and I am very happy. It looks big but in reality its only a touch bigger than my Ghurka wallet (which is junk) and is actually smaller than my Saddleback (also junk). I do plan to order another wallet from you in the future, but I’ll spring for shell cordovan and go for 4 pockets per side. Thanks again.”

“It’s perfect! Thanks again.”

“I have been searching for a slim wallet for a while at local stores. I just couldn’t find anything as slim as I wanted to replace my 15+yr old wallet. Today I received my cash/card wallet from J Michael and wow is the chromexcel Black leather with custom red stitch amazingly well made. I couldn’t be happier. Glad to support a 100% USA made product/company. I even emailed J Michael before placing my order to ask questions about leather options. It rare you find people/small companies like this one these days that care. Btw he replied to my email at 10pm at night. Thanks”

“Thank you. The wallet is great and I really appreciate the fine work that was put into it. It’s nice to use something that is hand made, as I’m kind of a traditionalist.”

“I ordered the cash/card wallet in the bison leather and oh my is it amazing! I’ve been using it for almost a week now and it is the best feeling wallet I’ve ever had. It fits my 6 or 7 cards perfectly and I can carry a bill in it if I want to with there being any problem. It fits in my back pocket perfectly and when I wear gym shorts I forget it is there. Also the smell of the leather is quality! The wallet closes with a nice sound so you know it is sturdy. J Michael makes excellent products and his customer service is beyond excellent! I will definitely be buying from J Michael again!”

“Wow, what can I say? Well how about this: As a realist painter who understands the importance of attention to detail, I can confirm my expectations were exceeded with the care and craft in creating my steer hide belt. What I find so rewarding is how its hand-made simplicity and minimalist design results in a sophisticated yet durable necessity. This belt is a pleasure for the senses with its look, feel, and smell. The care in craft addresses the most subtle of things, like its rounded edges and how the belt loop provides just the right snugness as you slide the end through and the curvature of the whole belt so the end past the loop rests flush against the other part. The warm brass buckle is one cool design with its smooth contours and graceful curves – no hard edges or corners like the inferior mass-produced junk. Once again, this is one of those simple yet critical “touches” which focus upon how something feels in the hand as well as how it looks. The integrity in which you create your products extends to the first-rate quality of your website, your care and speed of shipping, and the personal note with generous gift to your customers. You are an artisan of the highest caliber whose work is a testimony to quality born from a minimalist attitude. And yes, what you created for me is very, very cool! Thank you kindly for your honesty and integrity.”

“You said I would love it and I do. Thank you so much for your fine craftsmanship and prompt service.”

“I finally received my shell wallet today, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m so happy and I can’t describe using words how beautiful the wallet is, your amazing craftsmanship with the legendary Horween Shell Cordovan = Awesomeness, the wallet has nice glossiness and weight to it and when holding it on hand the feel and smell of shell just so amazing and luxury and yet feels like a tank which I believe it will last a life time or even pass down to my son!”

“WOW!! I’m just blown away!!! I have never seen a wallet this nice. Thank you so much. You are more than generous. The wallet is both too beautiful to use, and too beautiful not to! As with all you have made me, the craftsmanship is off the hook! I’m a Happy Happy Happy customer!”

“What a beautiful piece of fine craftsmen ship!!!! I cannot wait to by another item. Thanks again”

“The belt looks great and feels like it will last me a long time. You have some great products. Loved the personalized hand written message on the card. Nice, minimal packaging. Will recommend to friends and family!”

“I got the wallets, you don’t waste any time getting them out. really nice leather and really nice work on the mini and the waxed bifold. along with that you get a real person who will tell you about himself, his family and his morals and they all are right on time. thanks”

“We received the bracelet!! We both commented on how nice the package was put together…in the most thoughtful little wrap.  Such beautiful leather, so soft…you can tell its just going to get better with time. He loves it, wearing it proudly. Its very masculine and simple, the shackle is sexy! I ADORE my little wallet, thank you so much!!!!! I will be ordering a matching key fob….”

“I received the pocket wallet yesterday! I could not be more happier! Excellent work, beautiful leather, perfect size.”

“I got my bison belt and just wanted to let you know that i absolutely love it! I think the materials and craftsmanship are exceptional and I really like the look of it. I’ll look to buy from you again and recommend you when I can. Thanks again!”

“I got everything today in the mail and all I can say is wow! The bracelet and key fob are perfect and I especially love the marine shackles. You definitely nailed it on the belt and it fits perfectly; I absolutely love it and will be wearing it as well as everything else for the foreseeable future. You have a customer for life and I will definitely point anyone I know your way who’s looking for some awesome leather. I’m also looking forward to anything new you decide to make in the future.”

“The gift was really appreciated and it was absolutely perfect! Thanks again. I’m certain I’ll be ordering more leather items.”

“What a super job you did on the wallet, and my husband is real pleased with it. Thank you so much.”

“I just received the belt today, I must say it’s an amazing belt. The build quality and craftsmanship just top notch, the leather feels just “wow” very nice thickness and yet soft, it puts my old belt ashamed (its genuine leather lined with bounded leather it feels very cheap and stiff). Thank you so much for such amazing belt!

“Wow! What an awesome piece! Thank you so much. It’s way nicer than I had pictured in my mind. Your work never fails to impress.”

“Thanks for the superb craftsmanship invested in the wallet. The design is simple and pleasing, and the quality and integrity of the materials is better than any I have seen…I will recommend your goods to family and friends.”

“Received. Rubbed. Admired. Amazing work. Going to try the brown one as my everyday wallet while traveling for the next month, see how it goes. Thanks for great work and excellent service. I have a hunch I’ll be back for more later! :)”

“It just arrived. And it’s beautiful!… I will definitely recommend your work, and if I need any leather items, I know whom to ask!”

“I received my Mini Bifold in today’s mail and I have to say you nailed it! You met all of my design parameters and the construction, attention to detail, materials and finish are truly exceptional.”

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