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  • The 1.5 size is one and a half inches wide
  • The 1.25 size is one and a quarter inches wide
  • Cut from USA steerhide bridal
  • Thickness is 12 to 13 ounces thick
  • Buckles are US solid brass rated.

These belts are carefully made with natural hand finished full grain leather. Hand skived in the proper areas and saddle stitched with Marine UV thread. These are simply made to last and feel good. I pay more for grade #1 USA bridle.

You must use my measuring guide to ensure a proper fit. View the guide ».

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8 reviews for Steerhide Belts

  1. NY
    5 out of 5

    “My new forever belt: Just got my new belt today WOW! it is all that I hoped for and a fine piece of your expert craftsmanship I now have the privilege to wear. “

  2. CT
    5 out of 5

    “You definitely nailed it on the belt and it fits perfectly; I absolutely love it and will be wearing it as well as everything else for the foreseeable future.”

  3. KS
    5 out of 5

    “I just received the belt today, I must say it’s an amazing belt. The build quality and craftsmanship just top notch, the leather feels just “wow” very nice thickness and yet soft, it puts my old belt ashamed (its genuine leather lined with bounded leather it feels very cheap and stiff). Thank you so much for such amazing belt!

  4. jess
    5 out of 5

    “The J Michael Ashland Steerhide Belt, with its high standard of build quality and superior components, definitely qualifies it as a Buy It For Life item.” Review »

  5. jess
    5 out of 5

    “Wow, what can I say? Well how about this: As a realist painter who understands the importance of attention to detail, I can confirm my expectations were exceeded with the care and craft in creating my steer hide belt. What I find so rewarding is how its hand-made simplicity and minimalist design results in a sophisticated yet durable necessity. This belt is a pleasure for the senses with its look, feel, and smell. The care in craft addresses the most subtle of things, like its rounded edges and how the belt loop provides just the right snugness as you slide the end through and the curvature of the whole belt so the end past the loop rests flush against the other part. The warm brass buckle is one cool design with its smooth contours and graceful curves – no hard edges or corners like the inferior mass-produced junk. Once again, this is one of those simple yet critical “touches” which focus upon how something feels in the hand as well as how it looks. The integrity in which you create your products extends to the first-rate quality of your website, your care and speed of shipping, and the personal note with generous gift to your customers. You are an artisan of the highest caliber whose work is a testimony to quality born from a minimalist attitude. And yes, what you created for me is very, very cool! Thank you kindly for your honesty and integrity.”

  6. jess
    5 out of 5

    “Once again, fantastic work J Michael! I just received my belt today and it fits fantastic! Its just the way I wanted it to be. The leather is nice and thick and I know for sure this is going to last me for a long-long time. Even the buckle is in a great quality ! You nailed it once again for me! I’ll buy more products from you in the future and I am looking forward for leather bag that I see coming out soon! Thank you for your fantastic work! You never fail to impress me.”

  7. jess
    5 out of 5

    “J Michael is a Leathersmith located in the USA. I found him by accident when shopping for a new custom made wallet and I was so happy with it that I have purchased other items from him. I just received my new belt and it is so cool that decided to make a video of it.”

  8. jess
    5 out of 5

    “I received my belt this morning and couldn’t be happier. The best belt I have ever owned.”

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